Friday, 2 March 2012

Paperthin Hero Day One

Today was the first day of Alex's shoot and it was such a good day filming!

The film is a period drama set around the 1950s with 40s flashbacks about a little boy who believes in superheroes. Today we filmed the flashbacks of the boy's parents beginning their life together and showing his gradual process to signing into the army and leaving his young family.

The shots were brilliant, we found a great location to be their house, a cosy, run down barn in Weymouth which gave us some really nice looking shots. We also shot at Poole docks which was quite surreal filming around massive cranes!

Here are a few production shots of Matt and Georgia, our actors for the day, they were great and really worked well together. The costumes looked incredible and we're so pleased with it all!

{Grubby dock worker Matt}

{Basically Rupert the Bear}

{Our lovely cameraman Joel}

{Gorgeous Georgia in a handmade dress by Beth}

{Kissy kissy}

{Matt getting his conscription flyer in the post}

{Julian became my favourite model of the day}

{Jumping in shot}

{Soundman Julian}

{Georgia kneeding Alex and I's handmade bread}

{Amazing WWII outift}

{We had a special moustache made for Matt}

{Tearful goodbyes}

{War photo of the father which is given to his young son}

We have two more long days left of shooting over the weekend so theres no rest for the wicked. Will post the other two days filming on Monday for you to see! Have a good weekend everyone!

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