Monday, 5 March 2012

Paperthin Hero Day Two

This weekend was full of all work and no play (well we did squeeze in some fun!) with a lot of early mornings!

Saturday was the house shoot so we filmed in our Weymouth barn location again but filmed two scenes between our Mum Georgia and the loveliest little boy Elliot who is our main boy. 

We had to age Georgia so there was a good comparison between the flashbacks and her mother look now, so our costume girl Beth dressed her in a cardi and headscarf and Keleigh made sure her make up was much more muted.

Elliot needed to look like a typical little boy at school but with a twist, he had a great big shiner on the side of his face from the bullies at school. Elliot made sure he looked cool for school on Monday!


{Elliot's School Boy Outfit}

{Georgia and her Marigolds}

{Battleman comic designed by Alex and illustrated in the US}

{Crew and Cast working on the kitchen scene}

We had a great day on Saturday and everything was going so well, a little too well....

And then the heavens opened on Sunday, the day we were filming with 3 kids in an uncovered alleyway ALL DAY! We started filming and each take showed us a more and more soggy group of kids so we unfortunately had to stop filming. Annoyingly the rain was just ruining every shot and Joel's baby, his camera.

So we made the executive decision to get out of the freezing rain and re-schedule for next week. The kids were brilliant though so at least we know they're good enough to get the shots done relatively speedy.

The rest of the weekend was made up of going to pre drinks for parties and leaving at 11 for bed before I fell asleep on someone's shoulder! On Sunday night Emma came round for a sleepover, we had a delish chicken curry and watched a new programme called Homeland. Its really good, I can't believe I hadn't seen it before. Hope everyone had a more relaxing weekend than me!

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